Clear Vision Retreat and Rites of Passage Retreat 

Wilderness Journey, meditation, Open Floor and more


November - December 2020 - One month residential retreat for young adults who are wild and centred enough to want to dice a deeper dive.

The aspiration is to support young adults in their development to be connected with their true nature. To develop skills and resources to relate wholesomely with everything around; cultivating and realizing insight and love.


'How do we integrate insight and daily living, the food we eat, the way we move on and in the land?’ 


'How we do this well, contributing to bring beauty into the world?'.


To these questions  we will offer:

rites of passage * meditation (Awareness love and clear seeing inquiry) * pilgrimage/visioning * conscious dance * compassionate communication * intimacy with nature, it rhthym and responses.


Themes for the retreat include:

Exploring the nature of being while being in nature

Community Praxis - Building the bridge between the so called world of retreat and ordinary living. We aspire to wire for goodness, a  seamless flow of kindness, interest, patience and love for the world.


This retreat is to support the change makers. Young people  who feel motivated to learn how to plant, grow and harvest the fruits of mindfulness and more for the wellbeing of everyone and everything. 


Applicants need require a willingness to explore art, dance, wild living meditation, community living and compassionate communication. They need to be willing to live resourcefully in the living community that is nature.


Resourcing Young Communities for Wholesome Living

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Aoteroa/New Zealand and Brazil

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